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How it works

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What is Covet Coaching all about?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process by which the coach asks powerful questions in order to allow the client (often called the coachee) to reveal their true intentions, explore their passions, goals and dreams and create positive, solution-focused action steps to carve a clear path to accomplishing anything they wish to focus their energy.

Please note coaching is not intended to replace the services of a trained medical professional such as a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor. Coaching, rather, may compliment these services or be used by individuals not in need of those other services.


Why coaching?

Why would you choose coaching and mentoring? Because you are done feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unsure of your future in vet med. You are ready to make a change and want to reach your potential and live an amazing life but you aren't sure where to start or even if you are capable. You have even thought: "what if it's not for me?" You are scared that what you want out of life may be out of reach and you don't know where to start.

Coaching guides you to the right path towards unleashing your potential. One step at a time, you will walk towards your greatness and live the life you deserve. You've got this! Let me show you!

Why Covet Coaching?

Covet coaching is a safe, confidential environment where you can be vulnerable and feel respected. As the client, you have the potential to surmount your obstacles and build the professional and personal life of your dreams. Why wait for better timing or settle for something less than the best you can be? Become the wolf that is inside you: strong, powerful, trusting and instinctual. Let Covet Coaching show you how to make the most of your potential!

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Let’s Work Together

Guidance to unleash your inner potential


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